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The Importance of a Healthy Duct: HVAC Tips for the Modern Homeowner

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Air Ducts, Blog | 0 comments

The HVAC system of any home is incredibly crucial to not only the comfort of those living in it, but the health of the home itself. Almost any HVAC system is going to be comprised of a winding maze of ductwork that varies in tube size. Individual branches of ductwork will make their way to each room and will be different sized, depending on the size of the room. The fact that HVAC systems can be very complex also makes them hard to keep clean, however.
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Keeping your HVAC system clean and in good health can be hard to do, but it’s something you can’t ignore. In case you need some tips on how to make it easier to clean your HVAC system and keep it in good working order, let’s go over a few ways you can accomplish this.

Energy Efficient Building Design Requires Zero Leaks in Your Ductwork

There are numerous ways that HVAC ductwork can become damaged. It can wear out over time, it can be fiddled with or damaged by people, or it can be subject to rodents or insects chewing through it. Once there are gaps, leaks, or holes in your ductwork, the energy efficiency of your home will plummet. This is why keeping your ductwork perfect and fixing it when it does develop leaks is so important.

Duct sealing is the quickest way to repair leaks in your ductwork. This can be done in a DIY fashion, or you could hire professionals to do the job. DIY work can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to identify and repair leaks by hand. Professionals, on the other hand, can hook up a computerized pressure system to your ductwork and use it to find every last leak. They can also use this system to spread mastic throughout your ducts and fix all the holes and leaks without any cleanup required.

If you’re looking to repair your HVAC system, bringing in a team of pros is the best way to get the job done. Not only can they fix your HVAC ductwork, they can usually give you the stats and exactly how much more energy-efficient your home will be now that they’ve completed the repairs.

Air Duct Cleaning Can Be Made Easier During New Home Construction

Ducts are normally hard to freshen up, but air duct cleaning can be made easier by including a removable hood during the initial installation process. This gives you the option to clean your ductwork without having to disturb the envelope of your building. It also prevents you from accidentally denting a metal vent cover or having to cut through caulking.

HVAC ductwork made from durable, lightweight plastic will also prevent denting, scratching, or warping. By following these tips during installation and by hiring an air duct cleaning company to clean and repair your ducts, you can make sure that the energy efficient building design of your home is firing on all cylinders, keeping your air pure and your energy bill low. 

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