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Dehumidifiers in Plano, TX

With over 40 years of experience, ABC Heating & Air Conditioning provides superior dehumidifiers and installation services for residents of the cities of Plano and McKinney, Dallas and Collin counties and the surrounding Texas communities. The humid climate can cause your indoor air to contain too much moisture. While some moisture is good, too much can damage your home and affect your health. When outdoor humidity levels are high, a dehumidifier keeps the indoor humidity at a manageable level. You don’t want your indoor air to be completely free of moisture, but exposure to the same excessive levels as outdoors presents a new set of problems. Your dehumidifier balances humidity levels within your home, leaving only the ideal amount of moisture in the air you breathe.
Dehumidifiers in Plano, TX

Problems Caused By Excess Moisture

When there’s too much moisture, mold and mildew typically follow. Dust mites also thrive in moist environments. Exposure to mold and mildew may have serious health consequences. Breathing air with a high concentration of mold and/or dust mites can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, causing you to feel poorly. Mold and mildew can grow within your home and is expensive to treat and remove, as well as damaging to your home and its contents. High levels of moisture can also affect woodwork and wood building materials. It can cause swelling and cracking to these elements, as well as sensitive paint and plaster within the home. Wood and fabric furnishings may also incur damage due to high humidity levels.

Why Install a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from your air to prevent mold and mildew from affecting your health and your home. Whole home dehumidification solutions are available, which work directly with your heating and cooling systems to control moisture levels in the air supply circulating through your home or commercial building. These solutions are more effective than portable models because they have the ability to treat larger areas and treat all areas simultaneously. A dehumidifier will remove humidity from your home, eliminating the excessive discomfort that humidity can cause. Depending on the conditions in your home, it may be beneficial to run your dehumidifier during the summer, as well as the winter.

How Much Do Dehumidifiers Cost In Plano, TX?

The price of a new whole-home dehumidifier will depend on a few key factors, such as the type of equipment chosen and the capacity necessary to treat your indoor spaces effectively. Contact us today to request a free estimate for installation costs. We also offer financing solutions which can help you pay for the cost of your dehumidifier installation. Use a dehumidifier to protect your family and your home. ABC Heating & Air Conditioning provides dependable dehumidification systems with reliable installation and service. Contact us today at 972-704-1444 to install a dehumidifier that will balance your indoor humidity levels and keep you comfortable on even the muggiest of days. Incorporated in 1997, ABC Heating & Air Conditioning provides superior installation, service, and repair for all your heating and cooling needs. Our skilled team is dedicated to keeping residents in the cities of Plano and McKinney, Dallas and Collin counties and the surrounding Texas communities comfortable; we offer industry-leading equipment at affordable prices, with additional discounts for teachers, military members, and senior citizens.