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Air Conditioning Repair in Plano, TX

With over 40 years of experience, ABC Heating & Air Conditioning provides superior air conditioning repair for residents of the cities of Plano and McKinney, Dallas and Collin counties and the surrounding Texas communities.

Plano residents are no strangers to hot and humid weather. We rely on our air conditioning systems to provide relief for many months out of the year. Don’t suffer if your air conditioner isn’t doing its job. When your air conditioner breaks down or is performing poorly, turn to ABC Heating & Air Conditioning for quick and reliable air conditioning repair in Plano.

Do I Need Air Conditioning Repair?

While an air conditioner that will not turn on is a red flag for air conditioning repair, your air conditioner may not always give you a clear sign. Some problems still allow your system to operate with symptoms that are easily overlooked. Look for these other red flags which may indicate that you need air conditioning repair:

  • Excessive energy use: your system may but running, but using more energy to do its job, costing you more for the same comfort. Keep an eye on your energy bills for any spikes in usage during the months your air conditioner is in use.
  • Poor temperature control: If it becomes harder for your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable, you need air conditioning repair. Watch out for the need to run your air conditioner longer and at lower temperatures to provide the same cooling power as before.
  • New noises: All mechanical systems make some regular noise when operating, but new noises you have not heard before are a sign it’s time for air conditioning repair. You may hear concerning noises when the system starts, or when the cooling cycle ends.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Available

If you are in need of air conditioning repair, ABC Heating & Air Conditioning can fix your existing system. Our licensed service technicians will respond quickly and will provide you with a repair estimate before beginning work on your air conditioning system. Contact us at 972-704-1444 if you’ve discovered any of these air conditioning repair red flags.

We are available 24/7 to fix your air conditioner problems as soon as they pop up. No one wants to be stuck without a working air conditioner on a hot Texas summer day; we will respond to your call quickly and send a repair technician to your home or business right away to prevent you from dealing with extended discomfort.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

If the diagnosis is a major system failure, an air conditioner replacement may be a better solution. ABC Heating & Air Conditioning will explain your options and answer any questions you may have. We offer cost-effective options including flexible financing on new, energy-efficient air conditioner replacement equipment.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Repair Cost in Plano, TX?

There are a number of system issues which could be causing the symptoms you are experiencing; thorough inspection and diagnosis of your system is necessary in order for us to pinpoint the exact source of the problem. ABC Heating & Air Conditioning will provide you with an estimate for air conditioning repair costs based on our findings. We have financing options available to help make the cost of repairs more manageable if needed.

Incorporated in 1997, ABC Heating & Air Conditioning provides superior installation, service, and repair for all your heating and cooling needs. Our skilled team is dedicated to keeping residents in the cities of Plano and McKinney, Dallas and Collin counties and the surrounding Texas communities comfortable; we offer industry-leading equipment at affordable prices, with additional discounts for teachers, military members, and senior citizens.