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Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning in Plano, TX

With over 40 years of experience, ABC Heating & Air Conditioning provides superior air conditioner coil cleaning for residents of the cities of Plano and McKinney, Dallas and Collin counties and the surrounding Texas communities. Your air conditioning system contains many different components that each has a specific job to keep your home or business cool. Your air conditioner coils are critical components which help cool the air before it is moved indoors. A common problem found in air conditioning systems is buildup on the coils, which can have major effects on your system’s performance. Air conditioner coil cleaning removes debris so your coils can perform their job effectively.
Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning in Plano, TX

Why Do Air Conditioner Coils Need Cleaning?

The coils inside your air conditioner facilitate heat exchange to keep your indoor spaces at a comfortable temperature. They rely on their surface area to perform this task. With regular use, dirt, dust, and other contaminants can build up on the coils, covering the surface areas, which are needed for heat exchange. When the surface of the coil is blocked, your air conditioning system has to do more work to transfer heat, which means more energy is consumed to do the job. More work also means more stress on your system, which contributes to breakdowns and early system failures.

How is Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Performed?

Air conditioner coil cleaning improves the performance of your air conditioning system, so you can enjoy cool indoor temperatures and benefit from the savings resulting from efficient energy use. ABC Heating & Air Conditioning performs safe and effective air conditioner coil cleaning for homes and businesses. Our skilled technicians follow this process when performing air conditioner coil cleaning:
  • The exterior grill and filter are carefully removed from your unit to prevent damage when accessing the coils inside.
  • The coils are cleaned using approved methods to remove tough accumulations and dry buildup.
  • Bent and damaged fins are straightened so air can flow easily into the unit.
  • The grill and filter are replaced and your unit is tested to make sure it will operate properly.

Why Choose ABC Heating & Air Conditioning for Coil Cleaning?

Air conditioner coils and surrounding components are sensitive; if damaged, they may not be able to cool your indoor spaces properly. It is critical you choose an HVAC contractor who employs skilled technicians who can perform coil cleaning properly while taking great care to protect your system and its vital components. Our technicians are experienced working with all models of air conditioning systems and are trained to perform effective coil cleaning services. Improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system with air conditioner coil cleaning from ABC Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us today at 972-704-1444 to schedule air conditioner coil cleaning for your home or business air conditioning system. Incorporated in 1997, ABC Heating & Air Conditioning provides superior installation, service, and repair for all your heating and cooling needs. Our skilled team is dedicated to keeping residents in the cities of Plano and McKinney, Dallas and Collin counties and the surrounding Texas communities comfortable; we offer industry-leading equipment at affordable prices, with additional discounts for teachers, military members, and senior citizens.