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Annual Furnace Maintenance – Why It’s Necessary

by | Nov 5, 2015 | AC Repair Tips, Blog | 0 comments

Furnace maintenance should be on every homeowner’s fall to-do list. It’s so important, even equipment manufacturers recommend that professional maintenance should be performed annually. Annual maintenance for your furnace offers a plethora of benefits to homeowners — below are the reasons why it’s necessary.
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Annual furnace maintenance improves performance

Furnace Heating Repair MaintanenceYour furnace works hard to keep your home comfortable during heating season. Over the course of normal operation, components will wear down and incur other issues which affect performance. During annual maintenance, components are lubricated to reduce friction, cleaned to remove debris that hinder performance and their connections and controls are tested to ensure safety and accuracy. When performed by a skilled professional, these steps, and others, work to improve your furnace’s overall performance.

Annual furnace maintenance improves efficiency

The same steps which are taken to improve performance also work to improve system efficiency. When your system is operating at high-performance levels, it is using less energy to get the job done. By improving the efficiency of your system through annual furnace maintenance, you can expect a reduction in your heating expenses as you conserve energy. Other actions, such as furnace filter changes, should be performed more frequently than the annual maintenance visit, typically once a month.

Annual furnace maintenance extends service life

By improving the performance and efficiency of your system, annual furnace maintenance also extends your unit’s service life. A well-maintained system is less likely to break down, as normal wear-and-tear issues are corrected each season. During a maintenance visit, your technician also performs a full inspection of the system, where their trained eye can spot system issues that require attention. By catching certain issues before a breakdown occurs, you can avoid serious damage to the furnace which could cause the need for an early replacement. Through maintenance, you’ll be eliminating many of the issues that lead to premature system failures, extending the service life of your furnace.